Ten Easiest Quality Problems and Detection Methods of Eco-board that the Salesmen of Plates Must Know

Ten Easiest Quality Problems and Detection Methods of Eco-board that the Salesmen of Plates Must Know

Eco-board has many names in wood industry, such as paint-free board, melamine board and melamine board at first. However, due to the contamination of dairy products in China, many manufacturers encountered many obstacles in promoting melamine board. Later, enterprises spontaneously formed a new name called Eco-board. Since then, the name of eco-board has been called, and the sales volume has improved significantly. Eco-board is the key word that attracts the most attention of netizens in the board industry, and it searches more than 2000 per day.

Although the eco-board has many advantages, there are always some problems in the manufacturing process. When problems arise, some manufacturers can strictly classify and pick out the foreign products, but there are also irresponsible manufacturers who are second-best and mix the unqualified products into the qualified products, bringing huge losses to the plate dealers and consumers and some customers loss. As plate distributors and home decoration purchasers, they must have some ability to identify the quality problems of eco-boards, so that they can not be deceived by bad merchants in the process of purchasing.

First: concealing the true indicators, concealing the sky and crossing the sea

In order to maximize profits, many enterprises use inferior glue and paper in the process of base plate processing and finished product processing. Formaldehyde seriously exceeds the standard, but the merchants all call it environmental protection products, reaching E0 level E1. Even if they produce the test report, they don’t know which batch of the test, and they can’t believe this situation at all.

How can the purchaser identify whether the eco-board is environmentally friendly by a simple way? Detection method: By smelling, we can basically distinguish that if we sniff at the edge of the eco-board, if there is a pungent or even hot eye, then the eco-board is generally unqualified, the formaldehyde content is too high, and the board will have a stimulating odor for a long time.

Second: Kanban surface smoothness. Good ecological board should be flat, without warping edges and other phenomena, should have real wood grain, texture stereo sense, high definition, smooth and noise-free points. It has a variety of color styles, whether it is imitation of wood grain, imitation of stone surface color are very realistic, more realistic than finished furniture coated with paint.

Detection method: In the light of a slightly dim place, 45 degree angle Kanban surface is uneven, so that if there is uneven, basically can be seen.

3. See if there are wet and dry flowers on the surface, also called carbonization. If there are bright spots on the surface of the board, it will darken over a long period of time or paint discoloration appears on the surface. These are wet and dry flowers. You can also observe the side of the board at a 45 degree angle under better light. If you see spots and black spots on the paint-free board, that is, the product does not have carbonization resistance, which is unqualified products.

Fourth: Paper fades. Relatively speaking, ink paper is not easy to fade. It has a strong stereoscopic effect and much worse color pulp paper. Detection method: After stacking two boards and staggering them in the sun for several hours, see if the boards below have chromatic aberration.

Fifth: The cracking and bubbling of sheet metal are caused by the quality problem of base material. The cracking of eco-plywood is due to its high moisture content. The bubbling of eco-plywood is caused by the internal bonding of plywood during production. This reflects the quality of the use of sheet metal and the professional doubts of manufacturing technology.

Sixth: Antifouling performance test, whether the paper is completely cured. Testing method: Apply shoe polish, lipstick or pen on the board for a few minutes to see if it can be erased completely.

You can also write on the smart paint-free board with a marking pen and wait a few minutes to wipe it with a wet cloth to see if it is easy to wipe it clean to evaluate its anti-fouling performance. After testing, the font is easily erased, and there is no trace on the surface of the board, nor does the black stain penetrate into the intelligent paint-free board. If it can not be erased or wiped clean, the anti-fouling ability is not strong, and it is an unqualified product.

Seventh: Whether decorative paper sticks firmly to wood and is dipped and peeled off. Detection method: Cut the paper on the cross section with your hand to see if you can cut off the paper on the surface of the base material. If it can be deducted, the adhesion between paper and board core is not strong, and this kind of ecological board can not be purchased.

Eighth: Thickness difference inspection of the whole sheet. Detection method: Measure the thickness of multiple points on the eco-board with a caliper to see if the error is too large. If it is too large, the thickness is not uniform.

Nine: Kanban Edge. Whether there are gaps and putty on the edge of Kanban, we can see the quality of the core through the edge of Kanban.

Ten: Do abrasion resistance test, test small methods, with coins or keys repeatedly rubbed on the surface of the ecological board. Observe whether there are scratches on the surface of eco-board. If not, it shows that the wear resistance is good and the paper used is relatively wear-resistant.

As a plate dealer, through the above ten methods. Basically, we can distinguish the quality of eco-panels. Only good eco-panels can be purchased. For example, the texture of the panels is more real and the clarity is higher. The material structure of core + medium plate + melamine finish makes the board more stable and environmentally friendly. Plates have good performance in carbonization resistance, wear resistance, pollution resistance, fire prevention and flame retardant, so that they can be recognized by consumers and sell more ecological panels.

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