The 11th Shanghai International Wooden Environmental Protection Building Expo, 2019

The 11th Shanghai International Wooden Environmental Protection Building Expo, 2019

The 11th Shanghai International Green Wooden Residential Expo

Exhibition Contact: Bi Jing (Manager) 137 6191 3790

Exhibition time: 17-19 July 2019

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road, Shanghai)

Exhibition scale: 100000 square meters

Organizer: China Trade Promotion Association Construction Branch Integrated Architecture Committee Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Construction Material Industry Association Atlas Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Provide the overall solution of green building

Modern wooden architecture was formally introduced into Shanghai in the 1980s. In the early stage of reform and opening up, Shanghai’s infrastructure was backward and high-end hotels were scarce. Therefore, the Shanghai Municipal Government has introduced some independent wooden villas to the Xijiao Hotel. In the new century, with the improvement of people’s living environment and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more people begin to pursue a more energy-saving, simpler and safer green life. Wood-structured buildings and their inherent ecological characteristics have more and more obvious advantages in many aspects such as living and other uses. Light-weight wood-structured houses have the characteristics of economy, safety and flexible structure layout; wood-carved corrugated buildings have the advantages of warm winter and cool summer, strong and durable; section-structured houses have the characteristics of earthquake resistance, durability, moisture-proof and fire-proof.

The “Wooden Environmental Protection Building Exposition” is elaborately created by the Construction Industry Branch of CCPIT, the Wood Structure Professional Committee of the Chinese Architectural Society, the Coniferous Wood Committee of the Shanghai Wood Industry Association and the Shanghai Building Materials Industry Association, aiming at promoting simple, safe and innovative architectural concepts and leading the new trend of green building structure. Provide the overall solution of green building. The whole exhibition is divided into: wood structure building exhibition area, Woodworking Machinery Exhibition area, wood plastic exhibition area, wood structure supporting equipment and other unique exhibition areas. Among them, construction group, urban construction group, Beixin, forestry industry, Kuoshente, elephant, Xiaoyu, Shenzhou Arctic, Yingchuang and other well-known enterprises in the industry converge on the scene, there are China’s best log suppliers, the latest technology of green building structure, the most authoritative enterprises gathered here for the industry benchmarking event. Today, with the continuous improvement of the level of building science and technology and the increasingly urgent sustainable development of the construction industry, the connotation of building industrialization will continue to give new content.

The last exhibition attracted 1181 building materials enterprises from dozens of countries and regions including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Britain, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Russia, Korea, Canada, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy and so on. The exhibition covers 10 pavilions with a scale of 100,000 square meters. Among them, 917 domestic exhibitors, 264 foreign exhibitors and more than 50 thematic forums and product introductions attracted hundreds of media reports.

Exhibition content

Residential wood structural materials: Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, Pinus koraiensis, Pinus koraiensis, Cedar koraiensis, Larix gmelinii, Pinus yunnanensis, OSB board (European pine board), hemlock, Canadian SPF, plywood (laminate), flame retardant wood, flame retardant plywood, carbonized wood, exterior wall hanging board, etc.

All kinds of environmentally friendly wooden houses: wooden villas, integrated houses, wooden structure houses, ecological wooden houses, leisure wooden houses, combined wooden houses, vacation cabins, and He-type wooden houses, anti-corrosion wooden houses, light wooden structures, heavy wooden structures;

Wood structural connectors, nail connection metal components, wooden pedestrian roof, wooden prefabricated walls;

Bamboo structural buildings (raw bamboo and Reconstituted Bamboo materials): bamboo villas, bamboo houses, bamboo pavilions, bamboo bridges, bamboo buildings, bamboo flower racks, bamboo fences, bamboo archways, bamboo corridors, bamboo fences, bamboo screens, bamboo shutters and other indoor and outdoor bamboo decorative materials;

Wood structure production and processing equipment, wood drying technology equipment, wood preservation equipment, wood plastic production auxiliary equipment and extrusion die, etc.

Wood preservatives: preservatives, flame retardants, insect repellents, modifiers, etc.

Wood-plastic landscape profiles: wood-plastic houses, wood-plastic pavilions, wood-plastic floors, wood-plastic pavement, wood-plastic flower shelves, wood-plastic fences, wood-plastic walkways, wood-plastic steps, etc.

Wood structure design consultation and related industry products.

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