The 11th Wuhan international doors and windows Exhibition 2019

2019 11th Wuhan International Window and Door Exhibition

Held at the same time: the technical seminar on building energy-saving doors and windows in Hubei Province in 2019

Time: 21-23 March 2019 Location: Wuhan International Expo Center (Hanyang)

Organizers: Hubei Building Energy Conservation Association Building Energy Conservation Doors and Windows Branch, Hubei Glass Industry Association,

Hubei Forestry Industry Promotion Association and Wuhan Aluminum Industry Association

Hubei Building Material Market Management Association and Wuhan Building Decoration Association

Contractor: Construction Engineering Technology and Green Development Committee of Hubei Association for Promoting Scientific and Technological Progress

Wuhan Windvane Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Supporting units: Hubei Real Estate Industry Association, Wuhan Real Estate Development Enterprise Association, Yichang Energy-saving Doors and Windows Curtain Wall Association

Supporting activities. A number of forums will be held at the same time for the Wuhan Door and Window Exhibition in 2019.

The technical seminar on building energy-saving doors and windows in Hubei Province in 2019, the 4th assembly building development and technology application exchange meeting in 2019, and the training meeting on multiplying the performance of distributors in building materials and household industry in 2019, etc.

The scope of exhibition

Doors and windows: energy-saving doors and windows, broken bridge alloy windows, aluminum-wood composite doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, frameless balcony windows, plastic-steel doors and windows, color plate doors and windows, stainless steel doors and windows, FRP doors and windows, steel-plastic arch extrusion doors and windows, invisible screen windows, roof inclined windows, hollow shutters, curtain doors and windows, sunshine room. Doors: wooden doors, sliding doors, folding doors, indoor doors, automatic doors, rolling curtain doors, garage doors, antique bronze doors, art doors, fences and matching lock door control system, door and window shading system, window energy-saving window film, etc. Profiles: Aluminum alloy profiles, Aluminum-plastic profiles, steel-plastic arch extrusion profiles, plastic steel profiles, plastic profiles, PVC profiles, color plastic steel profiles, wood-plastic profiles, stainless steel profiles, profiles and various doors and windows profiles. Curtain wall category: fire curtain wall, point curtain wall, unit curtain wall, stone curtain wall, lead (aluminum) panel curtain wall, glass curtain wall; anchorage, tie rod, connector, support, chemical anchor bolt, point curtain wall connection system, etc. Glass: explosion-proof curtain wall glass, bending glass, coated glass, laminated glass, hollow glass, LOW-E glass, three-dimensional glass, energy-saving glass coating, nano-glass coating, building decorative glass, glass production and processing machinery, accessories and technical equipment. Doors and windows accessories, adhesives and accessories series: plastic steel / aluminum alloy doors and windows hardware accessories, matching access control system, automatic sensor, door machine products, door closer, floor spring, door and window control system, all kinds of locks, security products, electronic access control and system, building intelligent system; adhesive series: sealant, viscose, wood paint, glass glue, foam sealant, sealing paste. And all kinds of rubber strips, wool tops and so on. Aluminum shutters, garden fences, balcony fences, municipal fences, staircase handrails, sunshine rooms, easy-to-assemble and disassemble combination villas, various indoor and outdoor shading systems and other products. Equipment and other equipment: door and window cutting, assembly, welding, angle cleaner, auxiliary and testing equipment; profile production line, profile extrusion, spraying, curtain wall processing equipment. Production, fabrication, construction and testing units of doors and windows curtain wall, design and design software of doors and windows curtain wall, etc.

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