The 2019 enlarged meeting of directors of Linyi wood industry association was successfully held

The 2019 enlarged meeting of directors of Linyi wood industry association was successfully held

On the afternoon of October 12, 2019, the enlarged meeting of the Board of Directors of Linyi Wood Industry Association was held in Mudu, northern Linyi. Song Gang, Chairman of Linyi Wood Industry Association, Wang Qingzhong, Chairman of Adhesive Professional Committee, Sun Zongyuan, Chairman of Formaldehyde Professional Committee, Liu Guangjun, Chairman of Decoration Paper Professional Committee, Ma Xinqiang, Executive Vice-Chairman of Feixian Branch, and members of the Association attended the meeting, which was chaired by Qi Liqun, Secretary-General of Linyi Wood Industry Association. 。

The meeting mainly discussed the current development situation of Linyi wood industry, summarized the early work of the industry and association in 2019, arranged and deployed the later work, and discussed and negotiated the specific matters of the first China green building materials and home furnishing materials fair to be held.

Li Chuanxin, chairman of the Formaldehyde Professional Committee, summarized the main work of the formaldehyde industry in Linyi City in 2019, and made a report on the production, sales and progress of the formaldehyde industry in Linyi City. He said that the formaldehyde Association will actively respond to the general call of new and old kinetic energy conversion and retirement to the park, actively coordinate the various formaldehyde production plants to further integrate superior resources, and do a good job in preparation for admission. At the same time, the following suggestions are put forward to the enterprises: First, promote the construction of Chemical Industry Park as soon as possible, and speed up the pace of enterprise relocation to the park. Second, support and help enterprises with safety and environmental conditions to make a smooth transition. He said that after the construction of formaldehyde project, we will never forget our original mind and mission, provide high-quality and cheap formaldehyde for the board industry and glue industry, and make contributions to the healthy and stable development of the board industry and adhesive industry.

Sun Zongyuan, chairman of the Adhesive Professional Committee, described and analyzed the current situation of Linyi Adhesive Industry, and shared the advanced model and experience of foreign wood industry. He said glue is an important part of the wood industry chain and plays an irreplaceable role. He called on enterprises to speed up management, improve procedures and resume normal production.

Liu Guangjun, chairman of the Decorative Paper Professional Committee, made a report on the status of the decorative paper industry, and analyzed the annual output of Linyi Decorative Paper and its proportion in the national market. He said that the ecological board is Linyi’s strength and pillar industry. Linyi’s enterprises are at the leading level in terms of product quality, R & D capability, enterprise management, etc. enterprises should enhance local self-confidence, establish brand awareness and strengthen enterprise publicity.

Fu Qiang, vice president of Linyi Wood Industry Association, analyzed the domestic sales situation of the wood industry in 2019 and made a prediction and judgment on the industry situation in 2020. Enterprises should integrate environmental protection policy, land cost, logistics cost, labor cost and other factors to solve the problem of raw material supply. He said that under the new situation, enterprises should adjust product structure, change sales mode, and accelerate upgrading and innovation.

Wang Qingzhong, chairman of the Woodworking Machinery Professional Committee, said that under the new environmental protection policy in the near future, woodworking enterprises should improve their R&D capabilities, not blindly expand production scale, but strive for steady progress. He suggested that members of the association should actively participate in relevant government meetings and receive the latest policies and information. At the same time, he hoped that the association could play its own functions, strengthen communication and communication with the government, respond to problems and solve the existing difficulties in the industry.

Ma Xinqiang, vice president of Feixian branch, summarized the work of Feixian branch in the 19th year and analyzed the difficulties and problems faced by the industry.

Li Zhenyu, director of Linyi Wood Industry Association, made a working report on the import and export of wood products in South Korea and other countries.

At the meeting, Jiang Tao, vice chairman of Linyi Wood Industry Association and chairman of North Mudu, introduced the relevant situation of North Mudu in detail and arranged the specific matters of the first China Green Building Materials and Home Materials Fair in North Mudu. He introduced that the exhibition will be held in the northern wooden capital of Tangyi, Feixian, Linyi City. The exhibition will cover ecological board, wood lines, whole house decoration, plywood, finger plate, custom home, furniture board, woodworking machinery, particleboard, hardware accessories, paint, flame retardant board, solid wood board, building template, assembly building, smart home, green building materials and design, construction. Material industry Internet, industrial solid waste and other green building materials related industry enterprises.

Song Gang, president of Linyi Wood Industry Association, concluded the meeting. President Song first affirmed the work done by the professional committees and sub-committees in early 2019. He encouraged people to put forward, react and make suggestions when they met with problems, so that each meeting could have substantive content, so that problems could be implemented, efficiency could be improved and work could be promoted. He analyzed and put forward the export situation of Linyi plate and cabinet and the domestic market. Some feasible suggestions were put forward; by analyzing the basic situation and difficulties faced by the domestic wood industry, we encouraged everyone to realize the advantages of Linyi’s wood industry itself, to use these advantages to research special products and specialized products, to engage in differentiated competition and to build brand enterprises; and President Song said that he would be active in the relevant issues of environmental protection policies and other member enterprises. The association’s functions of communication and coordination between government and enterprises should be brought into play to promote the effective solution of related problems.

Facing the new situation and problems of economic development at home and abroad, in view of the current situation and existing problems of Linyi woodworking industry, Linyi Wood Industry Association will give full play to its coordinating role, actively formulate coping strategies, effectively analyze and solve problems, further accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of Linyi woodworking industry, and promote the scientific, healthy and stable development of Linyi woodworking industry.

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