The 9th Beijing International Wooden Architecture and Decoration Facilities Exhibition, 2019

The 9th Beijing International Wooden Architecture and Decoration Facilities Exhibition, 2019

Held at the same time: First China-Europe Summit Forum on Modern Wood Structural Architecture

Time: March 30 – April 1, 2019 Location: Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Hall

The 9th Beijing International Wooden Architecture and Decoration Facilities Exhibition will be held in Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Hall from March 30 to April 1, 2019. Exhibitors at home and abroad gathered in Beijing, dressed up and appeared again, setting off a storm in the wood structure industry, bringing the latest products and visual feast to the national audience. It is expected that the exhibition area will reach 30,000 square meters and more than 300 exhibitors. Exhibition hall 1, Hall 3 and main entrance square are three main exhibition areas.

During the exhibition, the Organizing Committee will rely on the strong appeal of the sponsors and supporting units to invite operators of public buildings, tourist real estate, scenic spots, resorts, residential quarters, characteristic towns, RV campsites, ecological parks and other operators as well as businessmen to come to the exhibition site to form interactive exchanges, negotiations and procurement with many exhibitors!

The exhibition will also focus on 4 855 state-owned forest farms and 9 000 forestry tourist attractions. Relying on the abundant forest ecological landscape, high quality forest environment and other important resources, the wooden house structure is introduced into the forest recreation and recreation production industry to promote the development of Forest Tourism Recreation and recreation industry. Fully reflect the concept of “innovation, coordination, green, development, sharing” of the residential industry, and vigorously promote and publicize the mainstream brand enterprises of wooden construction!

New era! New starting point! New development! The Organizing Committee is willing to work with more domestic and foreign exhibitors and upstream and downstream enterprises to create the best one-stop business exchange and procurement platform, and jointly create a new era of wood construction industry!

The Management Department of the development zone of the Municipal Landscape Bureau of the Planning Bureau of the Urban Construction Units of the provinces and municipalities, the management department of the forest recreation scenic area, the management department of the tourist resort and recreation area, the RV campsite, the high-end clubhouse, the eco-agricultural park, the golf and other outdoor industry development units, the tourism real estate developer, the villa contractor, the building decoration design unit of the Developer of new environmental protection technology of green building design unit, developer of green building demonstration project, transformation of scientific research institutions, industry associations, societies and so on.

_Wood-structured buildings and materials:

Light wood structure, heavy wood structure, ancient wooden buildings, integrated houses, composite wooden houses, vacation cabins, He-type wooden houses, truss roofs, wood prefabricated walls, radiation pine, Pinus sylvestris, Pinus sylvestris, Pinus sylvestris, Pinus koraiensis, Larix gmelinii, Pinus yunnanensis, OSB (European pine board), hemlock, Canadian SPF, plywood, flame retardant wood and plywood, etc. Wood structural materials such as external wall hanging panels;

_Landscape wood structure and timber:

All kinds of garden landscape timber, such as pavilion, wooden bridge, wooden fence, wooden railings, wooden trestle, flower rack, grape rack, outdoor swing/floor/table and chair, hydrophilic platform, sauna board, wooden floor, flower bed, landscape balcony, preservative wood, carbonized wood, preservative impregnated wood, pineapple rogue, etc.

Bamboo structural materials:

Bamboo villas, bamboo houses, bamboo pavilions, bamboo bridges, bamboo buildings, bamboo flower racks, and other indoor and outdoor bamboo decorative materials;

Coating and fire protection and heat preservation products for wooden structures:

Wood wax oil, wood oil, outdoor weatherproof antiseptic wood oil, outdoor wood paint, wood antiseptic paint protective paint antiseptic paint, weatherproof wood paint, water sealing paint, fireproof paint, various adhesives, water-based paint, breathing paper, insulation cotton, etc.

_Wood structure building foundation and roof system:

Various kinds of ground piles, ground screw, asphalt tile, color steel tile, glass tile, metal tile, glazed tile, ceramic tile, PVC tile, solar tile, etc.

_Wooden structure building interior decoration, wooden doors, windows and whole house customized household, energy saving, fresh air, HVAC, smart home, etc.

Wood structure, bamboo structure, production and processing machinery and equipment_Wood dehumidification dryer, wood structure hardware connectors, nail connection, etc.

Wood structure building products software, engineering software and related products, etc.

Other matching products related to wood structure, etc.

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