The Belt and Road Initiative will change the pattern of China’s timber market.

The Belt and Road Initiative will change the pattern of China’s timber market.

With the continuous development of the strategy The Belt and Road Initiative, China and Europe have entered the Chinese mainland cities in all directions, causing great impact on the port timber market. The whole timber market is miserable and miserable. Everything is fine except losing money.

The Belt and Road Initiative has  been covering nearly half of China’s list. With the increasing volume of shipments, the traditional port timber market will face tremendous changes.

As we all know, the Central European Banquet mainly comes from Russian timber, Russian white pine, Mongolian pine and Larch with excellent quality, which are suitable for construction projects, ancient gardens, furniture panels, home decoration keel and so on. The traditional ports come mainly from logs. At present, ports in all regions of the country are beginning to be affected. The main factor is the low price and good quality of Russian timber. It has to be said that this has caused tremendous pressure on the survival of port cities.

With the continuous advance of the The Belt and Road Initiative, most of the timber is likely to be replaced by Russian materials. The trend is that only the early transformation and upgrading plan can be built on a long-term basis.

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