The color difference of poplar bleaching veneer

The color difference of poplar bleaching veneer

Poplar bleaching veneer color uniformity, can be useful to suppress color differences and natural shortcomings. It uses high-tech processing skills to stop coloring the natural wood skin. The coloring is even and the disadvantages are eliminated. Next is the natural grain, the personalized color. It can also stop special customization according to customer needs. There is also a useful way to increase the added value of goods.

Its color diversity not only satisfies the designers’ thinking, but also conforms to the consumers’ aesthetic concept, and then improves the use value of the veneer itself.

The above is the characteristics of natural wood veneer. Our poplar bleaching veneer has always been based on the principle of serving you. We provide you with excellent products and services. If you have any intention, please come to us to understand. We will make a specific introduction for you!

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