The color difference of wooden door is not a quality problem

The color difference of wooden door is not a quality problem

In the same sunshine soil, the leaves of a tree are not exactly the same; the leaves of different shapes and directions, shaking open a tree verdant, this is the most sincere gift of nature. In this way, each tree also has its own unique character, showing travel alienation.

Sometimes, consumers will feel that there is color difference in the installation of wooden doors, which can’t help but cause doubts, suspecting that it is a quality problem. For wooden doors, color difference is inevitable and normal.

Is there any color difference in the wooden door? It’s not about quality, color difference, natural beauty

I. natural causes

In the growth process of trees, due to the differences in the environment, back to the sun, height and density, there are differences between the same tree species in different regions. Even in the same forest, trees may show different colors and textures. Just as there is color difference in wooden doors, trees naturally form different colors in the process of growth due to the influence of climate change and soil conditions

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