The common quality problems of solid wood floor

The common quality problems of solid wood floor are as follows:

(1) noise

The main cause of the noise is “looseness” between the ground joist and the floor, and between the floor and the floor. The causes of looseness are as follows:

The fixed spacing of the ground joist is too large, and the size of the ground joist itself is too small

The material of wood pout is loose, and the ground joist is not firmly installed. Therefore, it is recommended to use wood pout or special nails with high material density

The moisture content of the ground joist material is high, more than 18 degrees. When the material is naturally dry, there will be looseness between the ground joist and the floor

The quality of floor notches is poor, and the matching between notches is poor; or the water content of floor is high, which is naturally dry and loose after shrinkage

(2) raising drums

Warping deformation. It is mainly caused by improper ground treatment, especially the bottom layer, no moisture-proof layer, high moisture content of ground joist, or no “expansion joint” around the wall. It is recommended to test the moisture content before laying the floor.

(3) fouling

This is a man-made quality problem, which is mainly caused by the falling of heavy objects and the reversal of construction sequence, resulting in the cement mortar fouling the floor

(4) moth eaten

First, when laying, the floor is wormed by insects, which is not found in time after laying;

Second, the ground joist has not been dried, leaving hidden dangers. Therefore, mildew and moth proof treatment shall be done well before laying.

(5) Too much color difference

Mainly due to the lack of selection and arrangement during laying.

(6) High and low dislocation of paint plate

One is because the thickness of the floor itself is different;

The second reason is that the ground joist error is too large, exceeding the tolerance range of 0.3mm.

Above are some common solid wood floor quality problems. Of course, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. We can’t deny its advantages just by one disadvantage, so netizens still need to choose their own flooring materials according to their own preferences.

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