The competition of wood-based panel industry intensifies, and the leading enterprises extend their advantages to the upstream and downstream

The competition of wood-based panel industry intensifies, and the leading enterprises extend their advantages to the upstream and downstream

The birth of wood-based panel marks the beginning of wood processing modernization, which makes the process from simply changing wood shape to improving wood properties. Wood-based panel mainly includes plywood, fiberboard and particleboard. 2-3 cubic meters of wood can produce 1 cubic meter of wood-based panel, but 1 cubic meter of wood-based panel is roughly equivalent to the use effect of 3-6 cubic meters of wood, so it has an important positive significance in alleviating the contradiction between supply and demand of wood products, protecting forest resources and ecological environment. The main application field of wood-based panel is furniture production In the application of wood-based panel, the proportion of furniture manufacturing is the highest, in the field of building decoration, packaging and container floor, floor and others

From scratch, the development of wood-based panel has gone through five stages: starting, emerging, developing, speeding up, prosperity and innovation and upgrading period. In recent years, the development trend has been stable, the growth rate of the industry has gradually slowed down, showing a single digit growth. At the same time, the market structure of wood-based panel has also been adjusted. As plywood is widely used in the field of building decoration, it will continue to be the largest variety, but its share is expected to decline; the production capacity of fiberboard is expected to pick up after the industry is cleared one after another; high quality particleboard is the main base material for customized home, and can be used as load-bearing components in assembly buildings. With the improvement of customized home prosperity and National Assembly Building The introduction of relevant policies will increase the demand for particleboard, thus promoting the share of particleboard

The development problems of wood-based panel industry in China appear. First, China’s forestry resources are in short supply and wood consumption of wood-based panel industry is large. The state has issued policies to ban logging of natural forests in an all-round way. At the same time, the high price of wood imports has led to the increase of production costs of wood-based panel enterprises. Second, the concentration of wood-based panel industry is low, and the industry is still dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, whose ability to resist risks and negotiate prices is weak, so it is difficult to achieve economies of scale Third, formaldehyde content is one of the decisive factors to judge the quality of wood-based panel products. At present, the state has issued new policies to put forward high standards for formaldehyde emission level of wood-based panel products, which is in line with international standards in formaldehyde emission limits and detection standards. At the same time, more strict requirements are put forward for environmental protection production, pollution prevention and control of enterprises. Supply side reform of China’s wood-based panel industry promotes industrial clearing

Wood based panel enterprises with core advantages are expected to stand out in the industry competition and promote the industry concentration. Upstream: the cost of raw materials accounts for about 70% – 80% of the business cost of the enterprise’s wood-based panel. The wood-based panel manufacturers extend to the forest industry. By implementing the “forest panel integration” industrial strategy to optimize the cultivation of forest varieties and control the cost, the enterprise’s operating efficiency can be further improved. Product: it is still the most critical factor for the competition of wood-based panel enterprises. Whether the products are more environmentally friendly and efficient and meet the diversified application scenarios will determine the core competitiveness of wood-based panel enterprises. The panel technology with special functions will become a new moat for wood-based panel enterprises. Downstream: at present, the home furnishing industry is scattered with low concentration. The wood-based panel enterprises can cut into the home furnishing market through their cost-effective advantages, expand the demand of wood-based panel, enjoy a higher prosperity of the industry and improve the profitability.

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