The Defects and Solutions of Fire-proof HPL plywood Production 

The Defects and Solutions of Fire-proof HPL plywood Production

I. There are white flowers on the surface of the board.


1. Local resin curing in surface paper with insufficient gum content or in drying

2. Low Volatile Content of Surface Paper

3. Hot Pressure Non-uniformity

4. Inelasticity of cushion materials

5. Stainless steel plate shows unevenness

6. The resin reacts too old, the molecule is too big and the fluidity of the resin is high.


1. Increase the resin content of surface paper or control the drying temperature to prevent local resin curing.

2. Increasing the Volatile Compound Content of Surface Paper

3. Maintenance of hot press to improve the uniformity of pressure surface

4. Regular replacement of cushion materials

5. Regular polishing of stainless steel plate

6. Resin should be analyzed and tested, and should be discontinued when unqualified indicators are required.

2. Wet flowers (water vapor) on the surface of the board and serious edges


1. The volatile content of dipping paper is too high after drying.

2. Inappropriate solvents for printing wood-grain inks or dyes

3. Hygroscopicity (moisture regain) of film paper after dipping and drying


1. Reducing the Volatile Compound Content of Dipping Paper after Drying

2. Solvents for Transferring Inks (Dyes)

3. Pay attention to the storage of film paper, which can be covered with plastic cloth.

3. Surface cracking of decorative board


1. The resin reacts too tenderly and the molecule is too small.

2. Incomplete curing of resin

3. The glue content of surface film paper is too high


1. Discontinuation of unqualified resins

2. Appropriate increase of hot pressing temperature or prolongation of hot pressing time

3. Controlling the Glue Content of Surface Film Paper

IV. Decorative Panel Layering


1. The volatile content of the film paper is too low, and the film paper cures locally when it is dried.

2. Insufficient resin content in film paper

3. Low pressure or insufficient hot pressing time

4. Impurities between film paper


1. Control volatile content should not be too low, drying temperature should not be too high, time should not be too long, prevent local curing of resin.

2. Improving the glue content of film paper

3. Increasing pressure appropriately and prolonging heating time

4. Pay attention to the sundries when laying moulds

V. Warpage of Decoration Board


1. Inhomogeneous thickness of tissue components of various base papers

2. The adhesive content of film paper is not uniform and the pressure is not uniform everywhere.

3. Failure to cool sufficiently after heat preservation during pressing


1. All kinds of base paper should meet the technological requirements.

2. Keep the resin concentration uniform and adjust the clearance of extrusion roller

3. Cooling below 50 degrees for pressure relief

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