The Deformation of Multilayer Plywood is Affected by Those Factors

The Deformation of Multilayer Plywood is Affected by Those Factors

When consumers use multi-plywood products directly sold by manufacturers, they are most concerned about their performance, that is, whether they are deformed or not, which has a great impact on our use, but we all know that the raw materials of multi-plywood are mostly elastic wood, so it is easy to be deformed by the influence of some humidity and pressure. Now let’s get some information about it.

Hot-pressing process is the most easily deformed place in the production of multi-plywood manufacturers. Most of the deformations occurring during the process are elastic deformation. After the continuous increase of slab temperature, wood begins to plasticize slowly. However, this deformation makes it more compact, so the actual thickness of multi-plywood is always smaller than the actual thickness of hot-pressing front plate. According to the different hot-pressing process of multi-plywood, the change of thickness is also different. The compression rate of cold-pressing is smaller than that of hot-pressing. In the same hot press interval, the slab temperature of the hot press plate is high and the plastic deformation is large.

In addition to the influence of hot pressing process on the deformation of multi-layer plywood, soft material, moisture content, pressure, temperature, pressure time and so on will also have an impact on the deformation of multi-layer plywood. More information can be obtained by calling the manufacturers of multi-layer plywood direct marketing consultation!

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