The difference between birch and maple wood

The difference between birch and maple wood

Birch board is a general term for trees and shrubs. It is often used as flooring, furniture, pulp and other materials. It is cold-resistant, fast-growing and immune to pests. However, maple wood can be divided into soft maple and hard maple. It belongs to temperate timber. It is produced in the south of the Yangtze River Valley to Taiwan, and in the east of the United States. It is mainly used for veneer.

Maple wood is widely distributed in China. It is the special wood for the last of the spindle and shoe in the textile mill of our country. Because of the different origin, the material is also different. Birch mainly distributes in the North Temperature Zone, but a few distribute in the Arctic Region. Birch is cold-resistant and fast-growing. It is immune to diseases and insect pests. It is used for reforestation, soil erosion control, protection and mulching, or tree conservation.

Birch is classified as trees and shrubs. Its bark is white, gray, yellow-white, reddish-brown and its trees are smooth. The leaves on birch usually have glandular spots under the leaves, with double serrated margins, rarely single serrated, pinnate veins, petioles; stipules separate and fall early. Maple wood is divided into hard maple and soft maple according to its hardness. It is a high-grade wood for decoration.

Birch board is easy to process, smooth cut surface, good paint and gluing performance; the bark is flexible and beautiful. Maple wood is mainly used for flooring, beautiful and changeable texture, delicate, wood toughness is good. Soft and hard moderate. Gives a refreshing, concise feeling.

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