The difference between LVL laminated veneer lumber and wood sawn lumber

The difference between LVL laminated veneer lumber and wood sawn lumber

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is a kind of veneer made of logs by rotary cutting or planing. After drying and gluing, the veneer is made of parallel or most of parallel billets and then bonded by hot pressing. It has the structural characteristics that solid wood sawdust does not have: high strength, high toughness, good stability, accurate specifications, and three times higher strength and toughness than solid wood sawdust. This product can be used in building formwork components, building beams, carriage boards, furniture, flooring, room decoration bamboo keel and packaging materials, etc., and has a wide range of applications.

Compared with real wood sawwood, LVL has many advantages that solid wood sawwood does not possess.

(1) LVL can disperse and stagger the defects such as scars and cracks of logs, thus greatly reducing the impact on strength, making it stable in quality, uniform in strength and low in material variability, and it is the most ideal structural material to replace logs.

(2) Size specifications can be adjusted at will, not affected by the shape and defects of logs. The LVL products produced by our company can be up to 8 meters in length and 150 mm in thickness. Size specifications can be cut and selected at will according to their own material conditions.

(3) Like wood, LVL can be sawed, planed, gouged, tenoned, nailed, etc.

(4) LVL has the properties of insect-proof, anti-corrosion, fire-proof and water-proof. It mainly carries out the corresponding pretreatment or adopts special adhesives in the production process.

(5) LVL has very strong seismic and seismic performance, as well as resistance to fatigue damage caused by periodic stress.

(6) The product is green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, and high-quality environmental adhesive is used in the manufacturing process. Our company produces LVL products, formaldehyde emissions below national standards, meet the import standards of developed countries, can ensure your health.

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