The difference between suction door plate and moulded door plate

The difference between suction door plate and moulded door plate

Most of the door panels in the market are plastic door panels and moulded door panels. The common point of these two kinds of door panels is that they are made by a series of processing using density plate as the base material. But they have their own advantages and disadvantages. What are the specific differences? Now let Southeast Wood Industry Xiaobian answer for you:

In some cases, the quality of the suction door panel is determined by the quality of the base material density plate. It is not easy to deform if the high quality density plate is used as the base material of the plastic absorbing door plate, and it has good environmental protection performance, fine appearance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and flame retardant performance. Because the four plates of the plastic absorbing door plate are sealed into one, no edge sealing is needed, and the problem that the rubber may be opened after a long time of edge sealing is solved. On the contrary, if the base plate with poor quality is used, the base material is easily deformed, rough in appearance and afraid of scratching.

Moulded door panel

The advantages of moulded door panels are rich color, vivid wood grain, pure monochrome color, non-cracking, non-deforming. The disadvantages of moulded door panels are that they can not touch or close to high temperature objects for a long time, and the main design body can not be too long or too big, otherwise they are easy to deform. The best smoking in the kitchen is the temperature of the cigarette end, which will burn the surface film of the board. Molding plate selection: the thickness of the film, the thickness of the film of the good moulding plate is thicker, which requires processing technology. The base material is formed after carving. The thin film is easy to cover and the thickness of the film is difficult to moulding, but the thick film is wear-resistant, and the probability of thermal expansion and cold contraction of the whole cabinet of the moulding plate after moulding is relatively small.

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