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The first veneerable plywood automatic continuous production line was successfully developed in Linyi

The first veneerable plywood automatic continuous production line was successfully developed in Linyi

As the largest artificial plywood production and export trading base in China, at present, Linyi City has more than 3300 plywood production enterprises, with an annual production of plywood of more than 36million cubic meters, accounting for 60% of the total output of the province, of which about 1000 veneer plywood production enterprises. But at the same time, it also faces major common problems, such as backward production technology, low value-added products, heavy environmental load, low energy efficiency, resource bottleneck constraints and so on.

The “continuous production of veneerable plywood” project led by Shandong Shengchang new materials Co., Ltd. is an important part of the “green livable” demonstration project. The project has a total investment of 398million yuan. Its main task is to develop the key technologies of intelligent continuous slab assembly in the plywood manufacturing industry, which accounts for 60% of the province, form an intelligent continuous slab assembly process, realize the “vertical” upgrading of the existing plywood veneer technology, thoroughly solve the problems that traditional plywood production modes such as easy cracking and carbonization cannot solve, and provide high-end decorative panels for the custom home industry. After the implementation of the project, an automatic continuous flat pressing production line with an annual output of 300000 cubic meters of new wood reconstituted new materials can be formed, with a daily output of 20000 new environmental friendly veneers, and equipped with an intelligent finished product detection system and an automatic packaging system. After the completion of the project, it can demonstrate and drive the comprehensive benefits of the upstream and downstream of more than 100 billion yuan, and promote the development and growth of the customized high-end furniture industry.

At present, the “automatic continuous production line of one-time molding veneerable plywood” has successfully completed batch trial production, and will be officially put into production in May. It is estimated that compared with the traditional production mode, the production process integration reduces 18 production processes, and the production cycle is reduced from 10 days to 1 day; A production line can produce 20000 standard boards per day (equivalent to the capacity of 20 traditional enterprises at present), the number of workers is reduced from 1500 to 70, and the floor area of the plant is reduced from more than 200 mu to 110 mu; It can produce 300000 cubic meters of veneerable plywood annually, realize sales revenue of 1billion yuan, tax revenue of 50million yuan, profit of 100million yuan, and greatly increase the added value of products; At the same time, the annual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is more than 6000 tons, dust emissions are more than 54 tons, VOCs emissions are more than 5 tons, and energy consumption is reduced by more than 10%. The benefits of ecological environmental protection and green manufacturing are obvious.

In the traditional production mode, plywood manufacturing enterprises mainly adopt the multi-layer press periodic production process. Each link of veneer production is dominated by single machine production, which has high energy consumption, high labor intensity, low production efficiency, high emission of organic volatiles, and it is difficult to guarantee the occupational health and safety management system; Cracks, surface carbonization, bottom defects and other problems are easy to occur in the production process, and the product quality is also difficult to guarantee. These problems have been restricting the high-quality development of the wood industry in Linyi city. The successful research and development of “automatic continuous production line of one-time forming veneerable plywood” has effectively solved these problems in the traditional process. According to the introduction, if the “automatic continuous production line of one-time molding veneerable plywood” with an annual output of 300000 cubic meters can be fully promoted and applied, 120 new production lines can replace the existing production capacity of the city, which can not only continue to maintain the original market competitiveness and share, but also promote the integration and upgrading of relevant enterprises, force traditional enterprises to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, vacate 10000 mu of land, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 600000 tons per year The emission of dust is more than 5400 tons and the emission of VOCs is more than 500 tons, realizing an output value of 100billion yuan and a tax of 5billion yuan, and truly promoting the transformation of the wood industry to intelligent, green and intensive production.

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