The guide of choosing wooden door from quality

The guide of choosing wooden door from quality

I. look at style and color first

The purpose of house decoration is to create a warm and harmonious living environment, so the first thing to consider when choosing wooden doors is the style of wooden doors and the harmony of color living room style. The decoration style is smooth, simple and elegant; we choose the light and elegant style for lively and bright; the classical comfort is decorated with thick and elegant. In a word, it is suggested to choose the style of acquaintances

II. Color system

A good color match is the key element of the spot dyeing room, so we should consider the color match of the wooden door and the room after determining the style. Room color matching is basically similar to chroma with contrast factors. We can first divide the color image and brightness of the room environment into three major color systems: wall, ground and furniture soft decoration. Basically, it’s OK to keep the three major color systems, not too much. The color of wooden door can be considered to be close to the furniture color system, for example, the ground is a dark floor with white walls and a wood door of Vladivostok. There is contrast and harmony in the color system of the large environment. If you don’t have much assurance or guidance from a professional, recommend this “lean” method. Don’t always think about comparison everywhere. In fact, the environment has already been compared. You just need to find a big environment near the color of the door, or the ground, wall or furniture, and then make a difference in the details, such as the texture of the wooden door and the wood grain of the ground Make a difference. As for which color system to rely on, it should be measured according to the actual situation.

3. Feel

After a thorough consideration of style and color, the next problem is the product technology and quality. We are not likely to go to the manufacturer to see how it is processed. We can only evaluate the process quality of products through simple appearance inspection. Here we teach you two things: hand touch and side light. Touch the frame, panel and corner of the door with your hands. It is required that there is no scratch, soft and delicate. Then stand at the side of the door to see whether there is concave convex wave on the paint surface of the door panel. Basically, we can know whether the workmanship is qualified by these two steps.

IV. inspection materials and relevant qualification certificates of manufacturers

But we can’t say by the above we can buy the satisfied and reassured wooden door. What is the inner material of the wooden door? Is it environmentally friendly?

Here we can pass three tests;

II. Check whether the relevant qualification certification of the manufacturer is complete and true compared with the relevant industry standards.

III. before installation, pay attention to the final check by checking the internal materials of the door lock hole. We can’t go to the manufacturer to see how to do it. Only when we consider the brand with high reputation and good credit can we guarantee it. We believe that a price and a quantity are reasonable. You have to cut its price so low. Where does its profit come from? So we should first look at his paint surface, feel, look at the flatness, and preliminarily identify the manufacturing process of the brand.

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