The Hot Press Craft of Melamine Impregnated Paper

Hot press is an important aspect for producing good melamine impregnated paper. Temperature, pressure and time is three factor that can affect the quality of impregnated paper.

Temperature makes melamine paper dried fast. 145~165℃ is the best temperature for hot press. Small cracks will occur and effect the melamine paper quality if the temperature is higher.

Pressure can make impregnated paper and plain laminate glued well. With suitable temperature and pressure, the resin of the impregnated paper will melt and then dried. The melt resin will fill uneven surface and little holes on the plain laminate board. That process will improve the quality of the melamine laminate board.

Time for hot press depends on the dried speed and temperature. The three factors effect themselves together. To improve the quality of melamine paper, manufacture must adjust those three factors well.

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