The Importance of Edge Sealing of Wood-based Panel Furniture

The Importance of Edge Sealing of Wood-based Panel Furniture

Plate furniture is more and more used in daily life. In fact, edge sealing is very important for furniture. It’s not just that the finished furniture we bought in the home market has finished edge sealing carelessly, but when we decorate the new home custom furniture, this edge sealing has to be taken seriously. So, edge sealing is very important. What are the important roles?

1. Sealing edges to make furniture more beautiful

After plate edge sealing, the internal structure and material can not be seen from the side, and generally the same color edge sealing strip is used for edge sealing. This unified furniture is more beautiful in appearance.

2. Edge sealing to make the sheet more stable

Plates without edges. The edge-sealing strip is strengthened from the side so that the sheet is not easy to crack.

Plates without edges

3. Edge closure prevents moisture intrusion

The result of moisture is deformation and glue opening, which will affect the use of furniture. And the edge-sealing strip can effectively prevent the plate from damp, which is particularly important for the humid areas in the south.

4. High edge sealing effect

If you use buttons to seal edges, because of the slot design, the overall effect of the furniture after the edge sealing is good, and decorative strips can be replaced when adjusting slightly, which is more convenient for decoration work, and the edge sealing efficiency is higher.

5. Edge sealing can also prevent the release of harmful substances.

Edge-sealing sheet

The formaldehyde emission of low environmental grade board is very large, which easily leads to excessive indoor formaldehyde. Plate edge sealing can slow down release, but this kind of sealing measures can not cure the root cause, so it is recommended to use more environmentally friendly sheet metal.

Now it seems that customized furniture in addition to the choice of environmentally friendly board, but also to choose high-quality edge seals, in order to better decorate your home.

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