The key points of quality control of molded door

The key points of quality control of molded door

Carefully observe the following details related to product quality from the appearance:

1. Whether the skin surface of the door plate is smooth or not, there is no bulging place. If there is, it shows that the quality control of the substrate grinding process is not very good, so other manufacturing links may also have problems.

2. Check whether the film on the concave part of the front modeling of the door panel is closely connected with the base material. If there is any bubble, it means that the molding equipment is not good;

3. Whether the front modeling line of the door panel is fine;

4. From the back of the door panel, see whether the cross section glue of the film and the substrate is saturated. If there is a gap, it may be degummed after a period of use, and the door panel will be scrapped;

5. Check whether the whole door panel is flat without warpping.

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