The Lao government strictly prohibits all unprocessed timber exports!

The Lao government strictly prohibits all unprocessed timber exports!

After the Lao government working conference held today, the Lao government introduced to the media that all unprocessed timber is prohibited from exporting, regardless of where it is felled, even from regenerated forests.

The government understands that the government decree banning log exports directly affects timber exporters, but calls on all enterprises to put national interests before personal interests.

Lao media said that most industries and the public expressed support for the ban. Participants in the government working meeting agreed to further publicize the Prime Minister’s decree to ensure its understanding and implementation. The relevant departments will check the wood left behind in the trees and factories to determine whether it meets the previous logging permits.

The Lao government has banned the export of all unprocessed timber and the cutting and harvesting of trees. Subsequently, some provinces in south-central Laos executed several cases of seizing logs transported to neighbouring countries, but many of the people involved argued that logs were felled from regenerated forests, which triggered controversy among some officials and the public about the understanding of the government order.

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