The main advantages of Film laminated plywood

The main advantages of Film laminated plywood are as follows:

Light weight: suitable for all kinds of high and low-grade buildings, high-rise buildings, bridges and other large-span buildings.

High strength: multi-layer vertical and horizontal plywood, good endurance and strength performance.

Convenient construction: sawing, nailing, drilling, easy processing. Membrane removal after construction is convenient and clean.

Corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance: do not pollute the surface of concrete. Wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

Large range: maximum width 2440*1220, reduce the number of seams, improve work efficiency.

Long life: no deformation, no cracking, no warping, good water resistance, reusable.

High turnover times: double-sided inversion, cost savings.

Using Quality Poplar as Substrate

The substrate is first flattened by 10 pressures

Advanced Pipeline Processing Technology

First cold pressing, pressure up to 18-20

Re-hot pressing, pressure up to 17-18, temperature 130-150 degrees, secondary forming

Pipeline saw cutting edge, cutting error +1 mm, diagonal error 10-3 mm

Semi-finished warehouse

Template Edge Sealing

Spray various colours to seal edges according to customer’s requirements

Packaging of finished products: 100 pieces per package, thickness error +0.3mm;

Chassis with 7 cm thick vertical plate, easy to load and unload forklift truck

Surface Eye Acceptance Standard:

No glue opening, breaking and layering

No plate defect

Non-surface repair

No discoloration

Jointless splicing seam

Matters needing attention:

The factory has been edged off. After trimming or drilling, apply the water-resistant phenolic series oil towel to the edge or hole spacing three times. If there are scratches or bruises, phenolic oak should be repaired.

Before use, a layer of demoulding agent should be uniformly applied on the surface to facilitate demoulding and surface cleaning, which also directly affects the surface quality of concrete, and the correct use can prolong the service life of the template.

After removing the The main advantages of Film laminated plywood, please clean it immediately with brushes, soft scrapers and other non-metallic tools. When storing, the edges and corners are aligned and stacked on the flat ground. There are partitions on the bottom, and no contact with the ground. At the same time, it is well ventilated to prevent sunshine and rain, and check regularly.

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