The Most Frequent Problems of Rotary Cutting Veneer Machine in China

The Most Frequent Problems of Rotary Cutting Veneer Machine in China

In the process of operation of fully automatic CNC rotary cutting machine, sometimes some faults are unavoidable, but they can only be found and solved in time.

If the power indicator light is on, the motor can not start because the power supply is out of phase or the main control line is falsely connected. The solution is to repair the power supply and the control line and the total stop button. If the rotary cutting machine feeds the knife automatically and stops at the same time, it is because the feed circuit is falsely connected or the electromagnetic clutch slips, and the rotary cutting knife is too high. The solution to this problem is to check whether the feed line is falsely connected or not; to clean the clutch blade with gasoline or diesel oil and adjust the knife height. If the front and back of the sheet are thick and thin, because the knife is low or the knife seam is too small, it is necessary to adjust the knife height and the knife seam by referring to the knife adjustment chart.

If the sheet is not connected, the reason is that the height of the rotary cutter is not consistent, and the knife seam is not well matched with the feed gear. The solution is to adjust the knife height of the rotary cutter, the knife seam and the feed gear, and replace the wood.

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