The Ninth World Conference on Wood and Wood Products Trade opened in Chongqing

The Ninth World Conference on Wood and Wood Products Trade opened in Chongqing

On September 7, the Ninth World Conference on Wood and Wood Products Trade was held in Chongqing. There were 350 representatives of wood and wood products trade enterprises, processing enterprises and trade associations from more than 20 countries, including Sweden, Finland, Poland, Russia, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, France, the United States and Australia. Gather together to discuss the new situation and direction of world timber and wood products trade development.

This conference is sponsored by China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association.

Zhu Guangqian, chief expert of China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association, said that China and Europe are quietly changing the pattern of China’s timber market. In 2018, there were about 1,000 timber classes in China. In the first half of 2019, there were 900 timber classes, which are expected to exceed 1,700 in the whole year.

As the only municipality directly under the Central and Western Region of China, Chongqing enjoys convenient water and rail transport conditions in the Yangtze River waterway and Banlie (Chongqing) in Central Europe. It is an important transit fulcrum of timber consumption markets in Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou, the Organizing Committee of the conference said. The World Wood and Wood Products Trade Congress, which is located in Chongqing, can not only provide high-quality wood resources for the local and surrounding furniture, wood door and other wood processing industries in Chongqing, but also help to promote Chongqing to become the largest wood distribution center in Southwest China, bringing a large number of high-quality customers to Chongqing wood industry for investment.

It is understood that since the last World Conference on Wood and Wood Products Trade was successfully held in Gangqiao Industrial Park, Yongchuan National High-tech Zone, Chongqing, the park has successfully signed about 21 wooden doors and furniture manufacturers, and the timber industry has taken shape.

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