The number and total production capacity of Chinese plywood enterprises increased by 2021

The number and total production capacity of Chinese plywood enterprises increased by 2021


In 2020, there will be more than * * new plywood production enterprises in China, some existing production enterprises will be upgraded to expand their production scale, and more than * * plywood production enterprises will be cancelled or revoked, resulting in a total net increase of more than * * production enterprises, with a net increase of about * * million cubic meters per year.

Output and consumption

In 2020, China’s plywood production will reach ⁃ billion cubic meters, an increase of ⁃ over the previous year, accounting for ⁃ of the total wood-based panel production, a decrease of ⁃ percentage points year on year. Among them, wood plywood is ¥ billion cubic meters, bamboo plywood is ¥ million cubic meters, and blockboard is ¥ million cubic meters. In the past *** years, the average annual growth rate of plywood production in China has reached * *, and the growth rate has slowed down, but it is still the fastest growing type of wood-based panel.

international trade

In 2020, international trade frictions and new coronavirus epidemic will have a great negative impact on China’s export of plywood products, and the export volume of China’s plywood products will be million cubic meters (converted).

Product standard and quality

There are 39 plywood product standards (national standards, industry standards and group standards), including 18 national standards, 18 forestry industry standards and 3 group standards. GB / t38752-2020 “fire resistant Blockboard” will be formally implemented on November 1, 2020; ly / t1364-2020 “plywood for railway passenger cars” and ly / T 1738-2020 “plywood for solid wood composite floor” will be revised and formally implemented on October 1, 2020.

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