The plywood of container floor needs anti-corrosion treatment

The plywood of container floor needs anti-corrosion treatment

The container floor used the solid wood floor treated with anti-corrosion before it was gradually replaced by the multi-layer plywood treated with anti-corrosion. One of the main differences between the container floor and the ordinary plywood is that it must be treated with anti-corrosion treatment. The meaning of anti-corrosion includes two aspects: anti-corrosion and moth proof. That is to say, the preservative must have two functions of anti-corrosion and moth proof, or the preservative must contain two components: bactericide and insecticide. The first is to extend the service life of the container floor (wood), so that the service life of the wood floor is close to the service life of the container; the second is to prevent harmful organisms (such as wood decay bacteria, wood pests) from spreading with the circulation of the container. As the prevention of the spread of harmful organisms belongs to the scope of health quarantine, it is also known as the immune treatment of container floor, but in essence, it is the anti-corrosion (including pest control) treatment of wood and plywood.

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