“The power of model” series report 5: I am a Vietnamese wood-based panel plywood quality inspector

“The power of model” series report 5: I am a Vietnamese wood-based panel plywood quality inspector

Love to smile, is her most obvious characteristic. Even people who don’t know her can be infected by her optimism and happiness as long as they say a few words to her. She is Sally, the team leader of our Vietnam quality center.

In June 2016, Sally joined our plywood inspection team in Vietnam. She started as a simple birch quality control operator. During the four years, her thirst for knowledge was the most impressive for everyone. Sally did not confine her work to the operation, but extended the scope to the finished plywood product quality beyond ordinary people.

At that time, Sally, like other people, was often fined because of product quality problems. At the beginning, she was also very unconvinced. If she didn’t get recognition for her hard work, she would have to be fined. No one could swallow it. However, after calming down, she was naturally keen and began to look for problems from herself. As soon as she saw the appearance of the product was not up to standard, she would take the product and ask the quality supervisor. Over time, she became the most outstanding operator. In 2018, Sally was transferred to the quality inspection department by chance, and the amateur quality inspector became a regular worker.

Quality inspection work, great pressure, everything. Facing the trust of the company, she chose to undertake. Over the years, with the company’s continuous emphasis on quality, the quality awareness of employees has also been greatly improved. Although there will inevitably be obstacles in the work, Sally said that no matter how difficult it is, we should do it. From single plywood quality inspection to now responsible for the quality inspection of the whole plywood team, her professional ability is obvious to all. For new employees, she is also very patient, fine money, no one will be convinced. Sally explained to you patiently. Sometimes, she is also very aggrieved and uncomfortable when she is complained by employees. However, as a quality inspector, she can always resolve her hatred with a smile and her impatience with patience, so that everyone will be convinced.

Over the past four years, she has always devoted herself to her work with full enthusiasm and solved the problems immediately. Once, a batch of 1250×2500 wiremesh film face plywood was still sent to the customer after she labeled it as unqualified, resulting in the goods being returned. Through the unique quality inspection and traceability system of plywood inspection team, the company quickly found that the quality inspection of this batch of goods was done by her. Suddenly, Sally became the target of public criticism. At that time, she felt very aggrieved, but since there was something wrong with the product that she inspected, she should dare to admit it. This time, she did not argue, just quietly waiting for punishment. Later, the company found out that it was due to the operator’s weak quality awareness, which led to the return of the goods. After the return, the company was also timely and insightful and did not punish her. Although the explanation is clear, the impact on Sally is far-reaching. She said that this is not only a lesson, but also an opportunity to urge her to be more strict in checking and improve her sense of responsibility in the future.

In 2019, Sally was awarded the excellent team leader. Sally said it was both encouragement and pressure for her. Although the quality inspection work is hard, since the company has given itself so much trust, I have to have enthusiasm and confidence to do it well, and make a modest contribution to the company’s product quality.

Team is always the key to success. Sally said that no matter now or in the future, she will continue to lead her six person team, build the team into a team with strong cohesion and high quality awareness, and control quality defects in zero defects.

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