The resource advantage of Guangxi is obvious, and the future of wood-based panel industry is promising.

The resource advantage of Guangxi is obvious, and the future of wood-based panel industry is promising.

2. The Development Advantage of Guangxi Plate Industry is Obvious

(1) Location advantage

Guangxi is located in the southwest of China, facing Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, relying on the southwest and connecting Southeast Asia. It has the advantage of connecting the East with the west. By virtue of its geographical advantages connected with the land and sea of ASEAN, Guangxi has become one of the important timber import ports in Southwest China.

(2) Rich forest resources

From the data point of view, the forest coverage rate of Guangxi is 62.37%, the forest stock is 740 million cubic meters, and the recovery rate is over 60%, ranking first in the country. The plantation area is 96 million mu, and the annual timber output is 26.5 million cubic meters, accounting for about one third of the total output of the country. Among them: Eucalyptus, the main raw material for the production of ecological panels and furniture panels, is about 30 million mu, with an annual output of 16 million cubic meters of Eucalyptus. In addition to the abundant Eucalyptus resources, the total area of Taxodium lanceolata in Rongan, Guangxi, has reached 1.31 million mu, and its stock has reached 4.43 million cubic meters, which has laid a solid resource foundation for the board industry.

(3) The government supports vigorously and the industrial development environment is good.

In recent years, Guangxi attaches great importance to the development of forestry industry, supports the construction of regional timber industrial parks, concentrates on the development of the board industry, and has issued a series of preferential policies to give more support to enterprises in standard factory buildings and industrial land. Taking Rongan, Guangxi as an example, in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Wood Processing Industry in Guangxi”, the government clearly made Chinese fir artificial board a key development forestry industry in Guangxi, built the content of the production base of Chinese fir ecological board centered on Rongan, and fully guaranteed it in terms of capital, land, talent, finance and organization. In addition, Guigang, Shanwei, Pubei and other places in Guangxi actively build timber industry parks, increase investment, and give strong support to timber enterprises in land tax, loans and other aspects, land prices are mostly in the range of 9-136,000 yuan per mu. Even some counties and municipalities in order to attract foreign capital to build factories and production, land prices have been reduced to 50,000 yuan per mu. In terms of loans, the owner of the board mill applies for bank loans as soon as he gets the land. The interest rate of the loan is about 5% per annum, which is like sending charcoal in the snow to the owner of the board mill who needs a lot of liquidity soon after the start of construction.

(4) Increased industrial attractiveness

At present, the main force of wood processing enterprises in Guangxi is gradually evolving to be mainly young people, close to the urban life circle, which is conducive to attracting investment and stabilizing the talent team. At the same time, in recent years, the pace of transformation and upgrading of wood processing industry in Shandong Linyi, Jiangsu Pizhou and other old-brand plate production bases has accelerated, and it is urgent to find an address for industry relief. Guangxi, relying on abundant wood resources and strong support from the government, can be used as an ideal selection area for wood processing industry relief in Guangxi, which is an ideal choice for wood processing in Guangxi. The development of industry provides a good opportunity for development.


In 2019, the industrial parks in various parts of Guangxi were completed one after another, and sheet metal enterprises were stationed in batches. At the same time, the government emphasized that enterprises should make every effort to promote the high-quality development of forestry industry. This indicates that Guangxi will continue to strengthen the investment attraction of sheet metal industry, vigorously promote the development of industrial parks, and at the same time, will continue to accelerate the transformation of sheet metal industry. Upgrade, continue to expand and strengthen the forest industry.

Superior geographical position, abundant timber resources, good investment environment, strong support from the government… All kinds of conditions, let us have a clear understanding: the future development of Guangxi plate industry is promising!

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