The resource advantage of Guangxi is obvious, and the future of wood-based panel industry is promising.

The resource advantage of Guangxi is obvious, and the future of wood-based panel industry is promising.

Guangxi is an important timber production base in China. There are resources, advantages, foundations, potential and potential for forestry development. In recent years, Guangxi forestry industry has made rapid progress, forming a characteristic industrial cluster dominated by intensive wood processing, and a large number of plate production enterprises represented by Guangxi Fenglin, Gaolin, Sanwei and other brands have emerged. Statistics show that the annual output of wood-based panels in Guangxi ranks third in the country.

I. The Current Situation of the Development of the Plate Industry in Guangxi

Influenced by a series of policies to promote investment in the wood industry in Guangxi, the wood industry parks in all parts of Guangxi have developed rapidly. The development prospects of the board industry are promising, showing a prosperous trend. Guangxi has also become one of the preferred areas of the board enterprises, forming a plate processing set focusing on Guigang, Chongzuo, Rongan and other areas. Cluster area.

(1) Guigang, Guangxi

Guangxi Guigang plywood is an important plywood, veneer production and processing base and forest products distribution center in China. In November 2018, Guigang, Guangxi, was awarded the title of “the Plate Capital of Southern China”.

At present, Guigang has more than 3000 wood processing enterprises, nearly 400 plywood factories, more than 130 Enterprises above the scale, and 37 plate export enterprises. The main products from the production of primary plywood, particleboard and other development to the present high-grade waterproof building formwork, joinery board, density board, veneer, flame retardant board, cladding board, melamine ecological board, container floor, board furniture and so on.

The development of timber processing industry in Guigang has not only a unique forestry foundation, but also an efficient “iron, public and water” transportation system and convenient customs ports.

(2) Chongzuo, Guangxi

The output value of wood processing and papermaking in Chongzuo increased year on year. The whole city has developed vigorously in three major parks: Guangxi Chongzuo Longzan ASEAN International Forestry Circular Economy Industrial Park, Guangxi Shandi Industrial Park and Pingxiang Border Area Wood Processing Park.

It is understood that Longzan Industrial Park mainly extends to wood flooring and furniture manufacturing industry chain. The polder Industrial Park is mainly from logs, veneers, composite boards, furniture, high-end floor materials, to biomass power generation process of wood waste and related industries supporting the Circular Industrial chain. Pingxiang Border Area is mainly to give full play to the brand advantages of mahogany and build mahogany high-end furniture manufacturing industry cluster.

(3) Rongan, Guangxi

Rongan is the largest production base of Chinese fir ecological board in China. The representative cedar processing enterprises in Rongan County are Zhuangxiang Wood Industry and Sanyou Wood Industry, among which the “Zhuangxiang” brand cedar ecological board produced by Zhuangxiang Wood Industry is exported to Guangdong, Hunan, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities, and exported to ten ASEAN countries.

(4) Rongxian County, Guangxi

According to the statistics of forestry department, there are hundreds of large and small forestry enterprises in Yulin Rong County, among which there are nearly 100 large-scale wood-based panels and special plywood manufacturing enterprises

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