The sales of solid wood floor is not ideal in the near future

The sales of solid wood floor is not ideal in the near future

In the absence of positive news from the peripheral market, the floor market continued to be in a low and stable pattern. Some businessmen reflect that the cold macro environment, as well as the downturn in the real estate market and other factors are one of the important reasons for the poor delivery of the floor market

Floor blank market shocks uneasy. According to the businessmen, since this year, the domestic real estate market has been sluggish, and the poor delivery of solid wood flooring has directly affected the flooring stock market. Many small-scale flooring stock dealers have shut down, and the market is volatile. At present, the quotation of 900 × 120 × 18mm teak floor blank in Guangdong market is 500-520 yuan / m2

Borlaug solid wood flooring market is relatively good. According to businesses, near the end of this stage, a large number of outdoor garden projects have entered the rush period, and the demand for pineapple solid wood flooring has gradually increased. However, businesses also said that although the current stage of the pineapple solid wood floor transactions have picked up, but compared with last year is still not the same. At present, the quotation of 910 × 125 × 18mm pineapple solid wood floor in Shanghai market is 300-350 yuan / m2.

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