The world’s largest particleboard factory opens in Grayling

The world’s largest particleboard factory opens in Grayling

The most modern and productive panel equipment in North America has been officially launched in the art of Crawford, Michigan.
On April 16, Arauco held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Grayling Particleboard Factory. Just two years ago, the staff broke ground at the Grayling particleboard factory. According to Arauco, this is one of the company’s most important investments in North America.
Kelly Shotbolt, president of Arauco North America, said: Michigan is the world’s office furniture capital, and Grayling offers a sustainable source of wood to meet the high demand for finished particleboard furniture.
Shotbolt said: “We must have a sustainable world, we must contribute to a sustainable world.” He said: “After this massive deforestation, the amount of forest growth will continue to be from the forest. Three times the amount of timber felled. Sustainability is critical to us before we enter the region.”
We were told that the wood itself came within 70 miles of the factory and was purchased from local forest products companies and timber companies.
Gibbon said that since the start of construction in 2017, the project has created about 700 temporary jobs and 225 full-time jobs. “This is 90% of the employees we hire from Michigan,” says Gibbon. “We will teach them how to make particleboard and how to become a business leader and business partner in the particleboard industry. ”
This 820,000 square foot facility is the world’s largest particleboard factory. Sauder Woodworking Company of Ohio and IKEA are the two largest customers of Arauco.

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