These problems must not be solved by multi-plywood

These problems must not be solved by multi-plywood.

Multilayer plywood is usually fabricated by inner graphics first, then by printing and etching to make one-sided or two-sided substrates, which are incorporated into the designated interlayer, then heated, pressurized and bonded, and the drilling method is the same as that of through-hole plating on the double panel. Shandong Multilayer Plywood Manufacturer tells you that for Multilayer Plywood, which of the following problems can not be resolved:

First of all, multi-plywood should not be damaged, bruised, hard, scar joint and so on. Secondly, it can not degumming phenomenon. Thirdly, some multi-plywood is made by sticking two veneers with different lines together, so we should pay attention to whether the splint joint is tight or not, and there can not be uneven phenomenon. In addition, attention should also be paid to the selection of non-dispersible multi-plywood.

Sometimes in the use process, multi-layer plywood often appears bubbling and local degumming phenomenon, which is mainly due to the excessive moisture content in the board, and sometimes the phenomenon of laminated separation seams in the core board, which need to be avoided.

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