Third Party plywood testing and inspection Companies Part 7

Third Party plywood testing and inspection Companies Part 7
HPVA Laboratories provides product and system certification, inspection and testing services that meet the highest professional standards. Our operating philosophy, embodied in this Quality Policy Statement, is based on five essential components:


HPVA Laboratories is committed to providing a product and system certification, testing and inspection program that meets all of our customers’ and industry’s requirements. We will achieve this by: selecting appropriate regulatory and industry accepted standards; employing fully trained and qualified staff; using properly maintained and calibrated equipment; using fully validated test and inspection methods and procedures; recording, checking, and reporting results and certification decisions accurately and clearly; conducting quality audits and reviews; and by adhering to good professional practices. 


HPVA Laboratories will provide our customers with impartial, accurate and reliable inspection and test results and certification decisions in timely and clearly understood reports. We will protect the integrity of our customers’ information and data. 


The objectives of our quality system are to ensure that: 
  •  Our product and process certification programs reflect current industry and regulatory requirements
  • Impartiality is maintained in all certification, inspection and testing programs
  • Our customers’ expectations are met, according to their application and work requests
  • Inspection and analytical services are accurate and meet the customers’ needs, with test and inspection results that are within measuring requirements
  • Management and technical processes are subject to continual improvement, as reflected in management reviews

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