Third Party plywood testing and inspection Companies Part 8

Third Party plywood testing and inspection Companies Part 8

At Benchmark International (BMH), we have a simple mission—offer the widest range of independent testing services for your wood, concrete and steel products at the most competitive prices.

That’s what we deliver each day for every client in one complete package—inspections, testing and certification. We never subcontract out portions of your project, either. We handle the whole thing from start to finish.

Our team has years of experience in the forest products, composites, concrete and steel products industries. Through the acquisition of Professional Services Industries, Inc./Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory (PSI/PTL), we became one of the world’s largest and oldest accredited, independent testing laboratories. Today we’re carrying on testing and certification services that originally began in 1956. Our experience is vast, and our track record impeccable.

BMH’s clients are treated fairly and without bias. An emphasis is placed on integrity while working with clients. We do not provide any other products or services that could compromise the confidentiality, objectivity or impartiality of our certification process and decisions.

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