Three important factors of birch veneer slicing process

Three important factors of birch veneer slicing process

Generally, planing is used to process natural veneer. The process flow is as follows:

Log → cutting → cutting → softening (steaming or boiling) → planing → drying (or not drying) → cutting → packaging inspection → warehousing, among which cutting, cooking and drying are the most important processes. Let’s introduce these three processes today.

1. Section:

After the log birch enters the plant, it is necessary to cut the log section according to the required length first, and then to cut the batten, the sawing scheme must be selected according to the log diameter, wood texture and the fixation method of batten on the planer, so that the width of the sliced veneer is not less than the relevant requirements.

2. Cooking

After cooking, the plasticity of wood increases. The most effective way to improve wood plasticity is to adjust the two factors of temperature and moisture content at the same time, that is, to increase the temperature and moisture content of wood at the same time. This is the reason why saturated steam or hot water is usually used in the actual production to treat the wood cube.

3, drying

After drying, the moisture content is generally required to be 8% ~ 12%. The birch veneer drying equipment is provided with continuous operation drum dryer, belt dryer and intermittent operation drying chamber. The drying chamber is an old-fashioned drying equipment, which is very uneconomical, but the drying quality is better. The most widely used is the drum dryer. For thin birch veneer, especially for veneer with thickness less than 0.4mm, belt dryer must be used.

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