Three layer board for formwork inspection and QC test tips

Three layer board for formwork inspection and QC test tips

Formwork board with three layers of wood glued together; the two external ones lengthwise and the internal one crosswise.

  • Board

    Formwork board with three layers of timber glued together. The two outer boards are glued lengthwise and the inside board is glued crosswise.


    We use Central European conifer timber. (Spruce).

    Respect of the environment: All the timber used comes from countries with a sustainable forestry policy.


    Protected from the concrete by means of a melamine layer applied under controlled pressure on temperature conditions.

    Wood oriented external layers to minimize cracking in the surface layer board

    Advantages with PU Edge

    • Reduce the moisture absorption.
    • Prevent the cracking of the wood.
    • Easy to clean saving time.
    • Longer life, increasing the number of uses.

  • Gluing

    Gluing with Melamine Urea Formol (MUF) under controlled temperature and pressure conditions, bases on the SWP/3 Exterior condition of the UNE CEN/TS 13353 standard.


    100% automated humidity control systems.


    All boards marked to guarantee traceability.

    Bending Resistance

    Thickness: 27 mm/21 mm
    Average = 40 N/mm2

    Elasticity module

    Thickness: 27 mm/21 mm
    Average = 10.000 N/mm2

  • Profitability

    Contributes to reducing costs on site. With the same number of boards, a larger number of m2 can be obtained.


    Dimensional stability of the board and measurement accuracy.


    Based on compliance with the product operating manual. After-sales service through the company’s own extensive.


    Available sizes adapted to different formwork systems. Special sizes available.

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