Timber Formwork Beams

Timber Formwork Beams

Wooden beam designed for reticular formwork, flat beams, walls and civil Works. Timber beams for multiple formwork applications. Light and heavy duty, they resist strong impacts.

  • Beam

    Wooden beam for formwork consisting of two upper and lower wooden wings and a central section consisting of three layers. The union is designed as a notched and glued joint.


    Fir wood of the highest quality, calibrated with levelled edges and with finger type joints along their length.


    Of a three-layer board with a thickness of 27 mm.

    Protected Beam End

    Anti-shock polymer caps specifically designed to last longer on site.

  • Joint

    Notched, fi nger-type joint between core and wings, throughout their length. High-frequency, high-strength gluing.

    Anti-Humidity Treatment

    Protective paintwork throughout the beam.

  • Advantages of Formwork beam

    • Strength and Safety

      Dimensional stability and recovery capacity after application of load. High load capacity throughout their length. Protection against humidity, knocks and splintering.


      Easy handling and quick assembly. Minimum weight.

    • Economical

      Can be used many times. Good ratio between price and uses. Easy storage.

      Adaptability to Building Work

      Ideal for use with three-layer board. The beam can be cut at any point. Supports can be placed between beams at any point. Can be used in any kind of formwork.

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