Tips for choosing children’s wardrobes

Tips for choosing children’s wardrobes:

1. Open the wardrobe door and see the color inside the wardrobe. If it turns blue or yellow, it’s a sticker.

2. Smell it carefully. If it tastes spicy or spicy, it will not be environmentally friendly. If it is the smell of Xiang Xiang, it is mostly processed with essence.

3. After the second forming board is painted with white paint, the board is beige or milky white.

4. Touch the cross-section of the secondary forming board by hand, shake hands and slag drop.

5. The color must be pure. The color can adjust the children’s psychological growth, personality and vision.

You can see the effect on the internet, choose the plan, and make a free door-to-door measurement room, according to your own actual household design.

The matters needing attention in choosing and purchasing children’s wardrobes can be roughly divided into four aspects:

1. Should try to purchase simple and clear wardrobe furniture, so as to help children to organize things in good order, while cultivating children’s good tidiness habits.

2. Because children lack self-protection consciousness, they should choose solid wardrobe furniture as far as possible. There should be no large area of glass or mirror on the wardrobe to avoid breaking and injuring the children. There should be no furniture with too many edges and corners. The armrests of chairs and sofas should be circular and arc. Folding furniture should have protective devices.

3. The material of wardrobe furniture, room wall paint and wallpaper must be environmentally friendly.

4. Suggestions for choosing brightly colored wardrobe furniture are conducive to fostering children’s imagination and diversification of brain information.

The design and decoration of children’s houses are premised on ensuring children’s safety, so when choosing furniture, the first thing to consider is the environmental protection of the products, and then the appearance should be avoided sharp, safety protection should be in place.

These are our suggestions for choosing children’s wardrobes. I hope they will be helpful to friends in need.

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