Transportation requirements for LVL plywood

Transportation requirements for LVL plywood:

Two points should be paid special attention to in LVL packing boxes in transportation engineering:

1. When the transmission of excitation frequency is the same or very close time, because the product has a frequency, the resonance phenomenon of the product will easily lead to the damage of the box. In addition, stacking can improve the utilization rate of space vehicles, and the stability of different stacks of boxes is significantly different. The LVL downward board boxes at the bottom bear the greatest pressure. At the same time, the bottom of the box, but also bear the dynamic pressure generated by the horizontal displacement of the cabin floor and friction, and the dynamic pressure is more harmful than static pressure to LVL forward board packaging box.

2. Vibration and pressure. Any vehicle, speed, steering, box will change the speed reducer, due to traffic conditions, rail seams, engine vibration, vehicle vibration, surface wave, flow and other factors, produce periodic ups and downs bump and shake. If you don’t have the whole set of loose piles, LVL forward crates can easily collide with cars or adjacent LVL forward crates.

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