Tubular chipboard hollow particleboard Quality Assurance and Inspection Grading 


Tubular chipboard hollow particleboard Quality Assurance and Inspection Grading  


Hollow particleboard, also known as bridge hole mechanical board, is an ideal wood door core material. This product is a new type of green environmental protection product. It has the characteristics of sound insulation, high flatness, convenient processing and so on. It is widely welcomed by wooden door enterprises. The domestic testing standards for hollow particleboard are generally: moisture content, length size change rate, water absorption thickness expansion rate, board density, board density deviation, static bending strength, internal bonding strength, formaldehyde emission. But the general customer does not have the inspection equipment, teaches you several simple methods, for the customer reference.

1、 See the material

Base material is the key to determine the quality of hollow particleboard. Almost no domestic enterprise processes hollow particleboard with pure pine wood. Generally, enterprises with good quality use pine and miscellaneous wood as the base material, that is, most pine and a small part of other tree materials. The worst poplar wood, which has high water absorption and changeable characteristics, determines the quality of hollow particleboard.

2、 Glue

In fact, the method of making urea formaldehyde glue is very simple. The simplest way is that a 3000 yuan reaction kettle can make glue. However, to make environmental friendly and high-quality glue requires a large investment, such as production equipment, testing equipment, manufacturing process, raw material quality, quantity, etc.

Therefore, it is difficult for customers to distinguish. Once the environmental protection level of the product is not up to the standard, it will cause trouble.

3、 Waterproof agent

Generally, there is a layer of wax on the surface of particleboard, which is waterproof agent. There are two ways to use it:

(1) Spray wax on the surface;

(2) Add the glue and mix with the sawdust.

Waterproof agent determines the expansion rate of hollow particleboard. Generally, the hollow particleboard produced by the correct use of water proofing agent and the use of high-quality water proofing agent will not change after being processed into wooden door, which is safer.

4、 Production equipment and process

The production of hollow particleboard is an extrusion method. There are two kinds of process improvements in China:

(1) The machine is placed at a low position (domestic improved type), usually extruding out a piece of plate and cutting it. The strength of the plate is not enough to be detected.

(2) The machine is placed at a high position (according to the foreign technological process), usually 6-7 plates are hung after extrusion. In this way, if the strength and toughness of the plates fail to meet the requirements, the plates will fall off, so the internal bonding strength of the plates produced by this process is generally stable.

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