Tubular chipboard hollow particleboard


Based on the principle of arch bridge opening and high-tech processing, the solid wood chips are made into a unique tubular structure, which can evenly distribute the external force to ensure no deformation. The tubular structure is that the weight of the mechanical plate of the bridge opening is reduced by 60% compared with the same solid wood plate, and the mechanical plate of the bridge opening can effectively prevent the diffusion of temperature and achieve good heat preservation effect.


Good heat preservation performance

The mechanical plate of the bridge opening uses the principle of the arch bridge opening. The arch shape is the most stable and impact resistant structure in the mechanics. It can evenly disperse the external force without causing deformation. The air in the tubular structure is like a heat preservation bottle, effectively preventing the diffusion of temperature.


Good sound insulation

The core filling material of wooden door is 2.8cm, the thickness of densification plate is 0.8 * 2 = 1.6cm, the thickness of wood skin and paint can reach 4.5cm, the door leaf is thicker and heavier, and the sound insulation effect is better.


Difficult to deform

The mechanical board of the bridge opening is made of pine sawdust by high pressure pressing. Its moisture content reaches 7% – 8%, which meets the national standard. The wooden door is not easy to deform. The general composite door core is not optimized, the moisture content is 12% – 13%. Once the temperature and humidity change greatly, it is easy to crack and deform, and it is very difficult to repair.


Strong resistance to attack and pressure

It is a technological innovation of the indoor door products to make the mechanical board of the bridge opening into the door core material. The solid wood is planed into particles and made into a unique tubular structure by high-temperature hot pressing. The internal stress of the wood is changed by the solid wood planing, so that the door has sufficient strength and hardness, stronger resistance to beating and compression; the stability of the door is better, and the change of indoor air humidity is not easy to cause cracking and deformation.


environmental protection

The release of free formaldehyde reached the E1 environmental protection standard.


Weight reduction

Compared with the general solid wood board, the use of tubular structure can reduce the weight by up to 60%

The load-bearing load of hinge greatly extends the service life of hinge.

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