Tubular Chipboard inspection and grading


A classic wood, Tubular Chipboard provides an ideal combination of light weight and stability. Compared to solid boards, the weight of Tubular Core is reduced by up to 60%. This allows high quality doors to be made without making them heavy. Tubular cores generally have a low thickness swelling, making them specifically apt for doors with delicate surfaces. The special positioning of the particles guarantees a very high impact resistance: Doors with Tubular Core withstand even the greatest impact despite maximum diameter of the tubes. At Archon INC Building Materials Trading LLC we have the best in Tubular Chipboard at any given time. Tubular Chipboards are used for door cores, isolation boards, furniture, packing, and decoration.


  • Can be easily processed
  • Insulates sound
  • Stable in dimension
  • Fire resistant
  • Effective alternative for wood
  • Flax boards are widely used for making partitions, lining, claddings, doors, etc.

Available in:

33MM, 38MM, 44MM

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