Two major points for attention in processing birch veneer

Two major points for attention in processing birch veneer

Nowadays, facial skin is very popular. In the field of furniture making, we often see the figure of facial skin. There are many kinds of facial skin on the market, such as poplar and birch, etc. But different facial skin has different effects. Different facial skin even has different processing technology. We want to improve the aesthetic performance of birch facial skin. So when we process birch facial skin, we should pay more attention to it. The following two points need to be noted:

1. Guarantee the thickness of the facial skin and the thin thickness of the facial processing will directly affect the quality of the whole product if it can not be closely connected when veneering. In order to improve the color defect of birch wood and the color stability of birch wood in use, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium silicate as bleaching agent, polyethylene glycol, ascorbic acid, benzotriazole and polyvinylpyrrolidone as light-resistant additives were used to optimize the bleaching process of birch wood.

2. In the process of processing, attention should be paid to the smoothness, not only to ensure smooth and smooth skin, no burrs, but also to ensure that the quality of the facial cortex is good, because only in this way can it play a good decorative role.

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