Types of hARDboard categories

Hardboard, an eco-friendly wood based panel manufactured using plantation species of timber, is an extremely versatile and cost effective building material.

Application : Automotive interior trims, shoe heel manufacture, fibre drum lid manufacture, clock backing, photo frame backing, furniture elements, partitions etc.

Salient Features :
* Manufactured under the ISO 9001 certified system.
* Manufactured using plantation species of timber.
* Engineered to meet all requirements under IS:1658.
* Good mechanical properties due to high density.
* No Formaldehyde emission.
* Available in the thickness range of 2.5mm to 6mm.

Application : Shoe heel manufacture, automobile interior trims, applications requiring improved resistance to weathering.

Salient Features :
* Significantly improved mechanical properties.
* 100% reduction in water absorption characteristics.
* Used in value added applications by automotive trim manufacturers.
* Available in the thickness range of 3mm to 6mm.

Salient Features :
* Cladding material meeting acoustic requirements.
* Available in standard and tempered form.
* Available in 3mm and 4mm thickness.
* Available pre-finished in the desired colour. (See pre-finished Boards.)

Uncoloured hardboard

Hardboard panels are made of softwood and hardwood fibres. This is a high quality product, resistant to physical impact and designed for indoor use.


Hardboard is widely used for the inner surfaces of furniture, decoration of residential and public premises, and in other consumer and multi-purpose products in dry premises. These panels are ideal:

  •  for the manufacture of furniture (internal cabinet walls, drawer bottoms, structural elements of upholstered furniture, bottoms of beds and sofas)
  •  for interior and exhibition stands (walls, exhibition items, decorations, painting bases)
  •  for rigid packaging.

Painted hardboard

Hardboard is painted in white. The painted panels are covered with an acrylic UV lacquer, providing the panels with strength and resistance to the environment. They are painted with the use of modern technology and environment-friendly, clean, water-soluble printing inks and primers not harmful to human health.


Painted hardboard panels are used in the trim and decoration of residential, public and industrial buildings and interior decoration, when the premises are sufficiently dry.
These panels are ideal:

  •  for the inner surfaces of furniture (internal cabinet walls, drawers, bottoms of beds and sofas)
  •  for interior and exhibition stands (walls, exhibition elements, decorations)
  •  for vehicle interior trim and in other widely used products or industrial applications.
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