Under the strict inspection of environmental protection, where should the wood processing enterprises go

Under the strict inspection of environmental protection, where should the wood processing enterprises go?

In a twinkling of an eye, the first quarter of 2019 has only a dozen days left. With the passing of the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, downstream household building materials, decoration and other industries have been started, and the market demand has gradually been released. But with the continuous emergence of heavy polluted weather and the ensuing environmental storms, the road for many planners who want to revitalize in 2019 has become increasingly difficult.

On April 15, the provincial special action meeting on key air pollution control was held in Jinan. It was decided that from April 16 to May 17, Shandong would send eight inspection teams to 16 cities to carry out a one-month special action on key air pollution control. From the perspective of implementation scope, Linyi, Weifang and Liaocheng are among the three major Shandong key plate production cities, which are the key cities for this environmental inspection.

Under the heavy pressure of environmental protection, the shortage of supply and the rapid rise of raw materials are beginning to appear in the plate market.

But is it really a good way to raise prices? No, absolutely not.

Under strict environmental protection inspection, timber processing enterprises actually have their own way of sustainable development. As a timber processing enterprise, as long as it can operate in accordance with the law and effectively control pollutant emissions, the enterprise will go further and develop faster. Environmental protection supervision will be the sword of illegal enterprises, the umbrella of legitimate enterprises and the booster.

1. Fully tapping the productive potential of enterprises

Wood processing enterprises should fully tap the potential, develop the potential of equipment, and try to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of wood to 98%.

2. Incorporating Environmental Protection Cost into Enterprise Operating Cost

Strictly grasping environmental protection has become the norm. As a board enterprise, environmental pollution control should be included in the investment budget of enterprise operation cost. To put it bluntly, it is necessary to ensure that the enterprise’s pollution control has rich guarantee, including the purchase, installation and operation of pollution control facilities, the establishment of a legal consultant system, the supervision of the legitimate operation of enterprise pollution control, the reduction of enterprise’s environmental illegal risk, and the reduction of environmental illegal costs.

III. Innovation of Production Technology

After accounting for environmental protection costs and production profits, we should actively innovate processing technology and processing patterns. Do not confine to the size of a single product with a single specification, adopt a green and efficient production process, so that you have more choices, let others know that you have more choices.

Finally, broaden the procurement path and screen high-quality and diversified upstream suppliers. However, the profits of the wood processing industry are being squeezed very thin, and the situation of environmental protection supervision is becoming increasingly severe. Many enterprises are facing the fate of being stopped and sealed up. They are already in a difficult position. Where is the time and energy to screen?

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