underlayment nailing pattern plywood inspection and QC checklist

underlayment nailing pattern plywood inspection and QC checklist

  1. Nailing Pattern “X” ,the sizes ,position ,and quantity ,custom-logo …
  2. The face and back veneer species ,some use natural birch ,and some use white brich or other light color hardwood speices
  3. Thickness should be very tight
  4. Surface grading rules and defects are the same like regular plywood
  5. Screw holding power

undelrayment Plywood is a  plywood serving as an ideal underlayment for vinyl sheet, vinyl composition tile, carpet, and other traditional floor coverings. Its unique  construction makes it indentation resistant, dimensionally stable, non-staining and completely void free. As with all wood products, proper storage and handling will ensure the best performance and a trouble-free installation.

  • Unique fan shaped nailing pattern prevents the nailing pattern from being visible from the surface.
  • With or without the nailing pattern


4′ × 8′ Specifications:

  • 5-ply, 5.5 mm white wood face (-0.3mm; +0.0mm)
  • Master Crate — . Packed as (4) mini–crates.
  • Mini Crate —
  • Weight

4′ × 4′ Specifications:

  • 5-ply, 5.5 mm white wood face (-0.3mm; +0.0mm)
  • Master Crate —
  • Weight
  • General Characteristics:

    • Uniform light rotary cut face.
    • Hardwood back.
    • Voidless solid core.
    • No defects or repairs on face.
    • Fully repaired and sanded hardwood back.
    • BB/CC Grade
    • Sanded both side to uniform thickness.
    • Low Formaldehyde Emission (LFE), exterior glue. EPA compliant.
    • All sheet faces stamped with “X ” uniformly every (4) inches. No thickness added by markings.
    • Dimensionally square within 3/16″ as to length/width (within HPVA standards).
    • Moisture is to be 10–12% by weight.
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