Underlayment Plywood Inspection and QC checklist

Underlayment Plywood Inspection and QC checklist

Each underlayment plywood  panel goes through a 3 point inspection .






1  Underlayment is manufactured with special attention to face grades, thickness and size tolerances, and overall panel quality for use as an underlayment panel.
2 Tests were performed per ASTM D 1037. Tests were performed on samples taken from three randomly selected 4′ x 8′ sheets of each product.

Warranties   Underlayment:

  • will not delaminate
  • will not split when fastened
  • will hold floor coverings in place when installed according to the adhesive and floor covering manufacturer’s instructions

This high quality plywood provides a stiffer, more structurally sound underlayment for vinyl, laminate, carpet, ceramic tile or wood floors. Eliminate imperfections in the subfloor with Premium Birch Underlayment for a smooth, defect-free surface.

There’s never a concern about “telegraphing”, “staple pop” or costly “callbacks”.

Premium Plywood Underlayment has a rugged, solid core 5-ply construction made from 100%  luaun Poplar ,hardwood ,Birch. It is stronger and more structually sound than other  plywoods. The superior indentation resistance will prevent crushing from high-heeled shoes, furniture legs and moving appliances. This high quality plywood underlayment is perfect for use under vinyl, laminate, carpet, wood floors and other installations where 1/4″ plywood is approved.

The 4×5 size is ideal for all jobs, both large and small. It causes less waste than 4×8 panels, yet creates 20% fewer seams than a 4×4 panel, while maintaining its easy storage and transportation.

  • Wood Species selection
  • Rugged solid core 5-ply or 7-ply construction with no voids
  • Eliminates imperfections in the subfloor for a smooth, defect-free surface
  • Use under sheet vinyl, VCT, rubber tile, carpet and other approved installations
  • Smooth and sanded on both sides for a perfect finish
  • Exceptional exterior glue performance
  • Unique pre-nailed nailing pattern for quick installation
  •  4×4, 4×5 and 4×8 board sizes

Engineered Underlayment for Vinyl & Ceramic Tile Floors

Premium  birch panel is made to our specifications and trimmed, printed and tested in our factory.Select the wood quality and the glue and tell the supplier how to make it. Rugged solid core construction prevents indentations caused by high heels, chair legs and appliances. All edges are trimmed perfectly square for a “tile-tite” fit. Every square inch undergoes ultrasonic testing for core voids and internal delamination which might cause bubbles in the finished vinyl floor. Face panels have knots removed and replaced with solid wood plugs, no chemical patches and used. Will not stain vinyl floors. NO potential problems just because you cannot see them.

Exterior Grade Glue Virtually Waterproof.

Not fail due to water exposure in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries. Resists swelling and no delamination with extended water exposure. Passes the 2-hour boil test.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing and Precision Engineering.

Corner to corner tolerance is less than 1/32″. Cut tile tite – perfect fit every time with seams that are virtually seamless. One truckload covers a football field and it would be as tight as a tile floor.

Features and Benefits of 5mm and 5.5mm
Moisture Resistant Underlayment
  • Underlayment-PLY is Guaranteed as an underlayment for carpeting, Hardwood Core and vinyl floor coverings.
    • Underlayment-PLY
  • is a Hardwood Core, and is the least
    affected by humidity and temperature changes.

    • Underlayment-PLY
  • is moisture resistant and can be
    used in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

    • Underlayment-PLY
  • has no core voids. Tri-PLY cores do not
    have knots so there is no possibility of a hole
    being hidden in the center of the sheet.

    • Underlayment-PLY
  • has many uses in general construction
    • Underlayment-PLY

    possesses extreme hardness with a
    high bending strength.

    • Underlayment-PLY
  • has a natural resistance to rot and
     as well as insect infestation.

    • Underlayment-PLY
  • is lightweight, yet strong.
    • Underlayment-PLY
  • uses high grade products and does
    not allow core laps, uneven core
    thickness, or any minus tolerance to
    length or width.
Specifications for Underlayment
  • CARB Phase 2 (formaldehyde emission .05ppm).
  • Grade levels include C Face, plugged core
    & sound back.
  • No minus tolerance of width.
  • No minus tolerance of length.
  • Allows for squareness tolerance of 3/32”.
  • 5.0mm thick – (5.5mm can be 5.3mm).
  • Allows for only 1 core void @ maximum of 1/8”.
  • Maximum allowed moisture content is 12%.
  • MSDS available upon request.
  • No core laps.
  • Suitable for high humidity areas.
  • Not recommended for exposure to weather.
Guaranteed as underlayment when installation instructions are followed.  
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