UV Prefinished Plywood

UV prefinished plywood is the second top volume plywood exported to USA and Canada ,95% are white birch UV prefinished .Chinese prefinished birch plywood,prefinished white plywood,uv finished birch plywood,prefinished birch door,where to buy prefinished plywood,birch prefinished hardwood floors,birch veneer plywood,prefinished maple plywood for cabinets

Almost all US importers buy UV plywood and some importers even stopped the UV production LInes in the USA and buy from China .Or buy RAW white birch plywood from China and then make THe UV paint in the USA .In China,more and more production lines installed .If you want to buy good high quality UV prefinished plywood ,try some places below ,Linyi ,Pizhou ,Xinyi,FENGXIAN ,Jiasha and Guangxi,Hebei .