Various factors lead to changes in China’s wood processing industry!

Various factors lead to changes in China’s wood processing industry!


China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of wood-based panels, and it has an extremely important share in the world market. Over the past two years, China’s wood-based panel industry has encountered environmental protection and the adjustment of national macro-policy. It is also facing the situation of industry transformation and upgrading. Small backward capacity is being eliminated, and some new green production capacity has increased substantially. At the same time, with the customization trend of wood products and furniture industry, the demand for particleboard will increase greatly in the future.

Sino-US trade frictions intensify, and the wood products industry will be affected!

In 2019, Sino-US trade frictions escalated and US tariffs on 200 billion Chinese goods increased from 10% to 25%. This will affect China’s wood products exports to a certain extent, but it is also a good thing for China’s entire wood and wood products industry, which can force domestic enterprises to transform and upgrade.

The United States is one of the five major timber importing countries in China. The timber imported from the United States accounts for one-tenth of the total imports of China. In terms of imports, data from last year and January to March of this year show that the imports of logs and sawn timber in the United States have declined. At present, the global market is oversupply. Central and Eastern Europe, South America and other regions can quickly make up for the shortage of timber in the United States, and the sources of raw materials supply are basically unaffected. As far as export is concerned, the United States is the main exporter of wood furniture in China and an important exporter of flooring. However, for a long time, the United States has imposed trade barriers on our export of furniture and flooring. In view of this situation, domestic enterprises have been adjusting, on the one hand, to adjust their product structure, on the other hand, they are vigorously exploring the domestic market.

The influence of “one belt and one way” strategy on China’s timber industry layout

Along the way is China’s initiative to build a new era of civilization community, which has been strongly supported by the international community. Along the way, the development of wood resources in land Russia, Europe and other countries, and some traditional timber importing countries in the sea, such as New Zealand, Australia and so on, are good.

Last year, the development of the belt road was mainly centered on the mainland China and Europe, which reached more than 6300 columns, nearly double the number of more than 3200 columns in the previous year, of which 1000 of the timber customization columns were achieved. From the current geographical location of the opening of the class and train, the direct cities are Harbin, radiating the three eastern provinces; Xi’an, radiating Shaanxi Province; Chengdu, Chongqing, radiating Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, Tibet; Zhengzhou, radiating Henan Province; Zibo, radiating Shandong Province, can transfer trains to Tianjin, radiating Hebei and Beijing; Wuhan, radiating Hubei Province; Changsha, radiating lake. South Province; Ganzhou, Radiation Jiangxi Province; Xiamen, Radiation Fujian Province; Guangzhou, Radiation Guangdong Province; Hangzhou, Radiation Zhejiang Province; Lanzhou, Wuwei, Radiation Gansu Province; Xining, Radiation Qinghai Province and so on.

At present, Chengdu, Wuhan, Chongqing, Gansu, Qinghai, Zhengzhou, Xi’an and other Midwest have become the new import timber consumption market. The countries along the route have begun to take actions to promote the market in China with the support of the government, and are expected to become the potential supply countries and regions of China’s timber imports, which is important for China’s development from the coastal areas to the central and western regions. Meaning.

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