vendors of plywood customers range from high to low A, B and C levels

plywood vendors range from high to low A, B and C levels

Many vendors of plywood customers range from high to low A, B and C levels. Among them, category A suppliers are “strong”, category B suppliers can focus on, category C suppliers were rejected.

Similarly, the logistics department also has a score and rating on suppliers. Only when the above four departments confirm the suppliers above B level, can they be determined to be procurable.

When the supplier receives the order, in the process of production preparation, the Popularization Projects Promotion Section of Plywood Purchasing Department at the general level will also track the supply process and participate in and control each link from the angle of quality control. The environment-friendly plywood market is booming and the supply chain is very tight. In order to increase the quantity, the quality of individual suppliers can not be controlled. First, the quality has declined, and then the quantity has not kept up with it. Many plywood customer quality assurance departments issued timely notifications, requiring suppliers to complete the rectification within one year, otherwise they would not be eligible to get good project supporting rights.

In order to ensure the quality of plywood from the source, many plywood customers began to implement A-level supplier strategy many years ago. The goal is to make 80% of suppliers meet A-level standards.

Many plywood customers have proposed that from January 2018, grade B suppliers can only enter the supply system with a score of 85 points; from May 1, 2018, after a score of 90 points (that is, B), it is possible to get the project; by October this year, the standard will be raised again to only grade A suppliers (score more than 95 points) to get good projects for raw materials. Of course, if the supplier’s quality is at risk, it will be downgraded.

Many plywood customers hold 10 quality training courses for suppliers every year, so that they can understand the specific requirements of many plywood customers, enterprises and plywood development. At present, among the 30 suppliers of many plywood customers, more than 10 have become A-level suppliers.

Getting a lot of supplier ratings from plywood customers is tantamount to entering the whole ordinary plywood matching system. According to the regulations, three ordinary grade plywood, = ordinary grade plywood and ordinary grade plywood are recognized as long as one of them has been evaluated.

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